Our Comfort Pets

If you love meeting people who want to reach out and help others and who realize the great joy of having animals in their lives, then welcome to our hard working life-giving therapy animals in our organization.

These canine companions work very hard with their human handlers as community volunteers who contribute their time and energy without expecting anything other than knowing how important they are in the service we provide and the success of our organization.

These fabulous angels in fur coats are “PAWS ABOVE THE REST!”

“Therapy Animals Change Lives!”

Our Comfort Pets Team


AnnieBreed: Cavelier King Charles Spaniel Birthday: 8/12/2005 Sex: Female Handler/Owner: Kurt Kauffman ANNIE loves people of all ages and will cuddle with you anytime and anywhere. She has been visiting hospitals and schools since 2006. She is also her owner’s service...


Ansel Breed: Springer Spaniel Birthday: 8/5/2016 Sex: Male Handler/Owner: Catherine Walker Ansel is crazy about hotdogs, water, all people, and playing with other dogs. In true Springer fashion though, Ansel is attached to his pet parents like velcro. He wants to go...


Bean Breed: Cairn Terrier Birthday: Sex: Handler/Owner: Patrice Mock BEAN update coming soon. Other Members


Bear Breed: Akita Mix Birthday: unknown as Bear is a rescue Sex: Male Handler/Owner: Judene McCrory Bear is a gentle guy with a big heart. He enjoys time with his owners and their other dog Sasha. Bear is smart, very easy going, and full of love to give.  He will make...


Beau Breed: Australian Labradoodle Birthday: 6/9/14 Sex: Male Handler/Owner: Philip Gold Beau loves to meet and play with other dogs but most of all he loves his family.  He is curious and loves to discover new places.  At home, he likes dozing and stretching. He has...


Bella Breed: Standard Poddle Birthday: Sex: Female Handler/Owner: Bev Marceau BELLA'S bio coming soon. Other Members


Buster Breed: Mini Pin Pug mix Birthday: March 8, 2015 Sex: Male Handler/Owner: Ann Noriel Buster loves meeting new people and playing with other dogs. He also likes to hike and eat treats; he as has even tried sledding and kayaking. His most favorite thing to do is...


Chelsea Breed: Golden Retriever Birthday: Sex: Female Handler/Owner: Barry Robinson CHELSEA'S bio coming soon. Other Members


Dobby Breed: Pug Birthday: 10/25/07 Sex: Female Handler/Owner: Diane Wiltsie Named after a fictional Harry Potter character, Dobby proves true to his name. He is loyal, helpful, and a very good listener. His favorite things in the world are eating, sleeping, and going...


Ginger Breed: Miniature Schnauzer Birthday: May 30, 2007 Sex: Female Handler/Owner: Mary-Jean and Jaime Ginger looks into your eyes and understands what you say. She loves everyone, young and old, and will dance the Salsa, rollover, and shake for a treat. Ginger loves...


Jet Breed: Black Standard Poodle Birthday: 4/21/2010 Sex: Male Handler/Owner: Linda Smith My own personal “JET” is a wonderful boy. He loves everyone and wants them all to interact with him. Raising and training a Standard Poodle for therapy and service work is...


Huckleberry Breed: Goldendoodle Birthday: 4/17/17 Sex: Male Handler/Owner: Mary Odening Huckleberry Blue was born April 17, 2017 and came to spread his love to our family on July 20th.  For some odd reason our daughter Rebekah called him Blueberry.  A few tweaks of...


Juanes Breed: Chihuahua Mix Birthday: 8/9/2008 Handler/Owner: Ana-Maria Osorio JUANES is named after a famous Colombian rock star, singer, composer, and philanthropist. Their shared mission is to bring the music of love and joy to the concert of life. Watch out, this...


JulesBreed: — Birthday: — Sex: — Handler/Owner: Linda Clement Biography coming soon. Other Members

Little Bit

Little Bit Breed: Dachshund Birthday: Sex: Handler/Owner: Janelle Smith LITTLE BIT'S profile coming soon. Other Members


LuckyBreed: Standard Poodle Birthday: 4/21/2010 Sex: Male Handler/Owner: Janelle Smith LUCKY is both a therapy dog and a service dog. he loves to visit people and be petted. When he is not working, his favorite games are playing catch with his balls or popping...


  Lucky Breed: Mix Birthday: 2-15-2015 Sex: Male Handler/Owner: Kathy Brauer LUCKY was rescued from a dumpster when he was just a pup. He is so smart and easy to train; he will do anything for a treat. His favorite thing is to just run. He is in training and will...


Lucky Breed: Poodle mix Birthday: Sex: Handler/Owner: Lois McClain LUCKY'S Bio coming soon. Other Members


Luna Breed: German Shepard Birthday: Sex: Female Handler/Owner: Susan and Nicola Arashiro LUNA'S bio coming soon. Other Members

Marlo Thomas

Marlo Thomas Breed: Shepard Mix Birthday: 4/23/16 Sex: Female Handler/Owner: Jen Horton Marlo Thomas (or as we like to refer to her Ms. Marlo) has rich brown eyes and one floppy ear - giving her the quirky appearance of the lovable star of "That Girl." She loves to...


Oakley Breed: Lab mix Birthday: Sex: Male Handler/Owner: Stephanie Krueger OAKLEY'S bio coming soon. Other Members


Oliver Breed: Toy Australian Shepherd Birthday: Sex: Male Handler/Owner: Betty O'Connell OLIVER'S bio coming soon. Other Members


OreoBreed: Akita Birthday: 6/26/2008 Sex: Male Handler/Owner: Debra Friedman OREO is a big baby that loves to be petted and have his ears rubbed. He will give you big boy kisses if you let him. He is very gentle around people of all ages. He wears two hats: a therapy...


OzzyBreed: Miniature Dachshund Birthday: 09/2004 Sex: Male Handler/Owner: Sherry Clauson OZZY became a certified therapy dog in February 2012. His sweet, cuddly personality makes him a great lap dog for children and adults to pet. When relaxing at home, he loves a...


  Pepper Breed: Maltipoo Birthday: 12/15 Sex: Female Handler/Owner: Jody Brassfield Pepper was a rescue who fixed by broken heart after losing my 16 year old dog.  Pepper loves to give kisses if you like! She especially loves kids and the elderly as does her...


Quinn Breed: Golden Retriever Birthday: Sex: Male Handler/Owner: Ryan Tribbey QUINN'S bio coming soon. Other Members

Sadie Ann

Sadie Ann Breed: Mixed Terrier Birthday: 4/15/11 Sex: Female Handler/Owner: Kathy Brauer Sadie Ann was rescued from the streets when she was 2 months old. She loves people and goes to work with me every day. Other...


Sessan Breed: Spaniel Doodle Birthday: 4/13/16 Sex: Femail Handler/Owner: Ingrid Dahlgren Sessan, Swedish nickname for Princess, because she has become my little princess.  She is a very calm, sweet, and playful dog.  I come from Sweden and so did her father so it was...


Sapphire Breed: Siberian Husky Birthday: Sex: Female Handler/Owner: Frank Smedley SAPPHIRE'S bio coming soon. Other Members


Tiger Breed: Staffordshire Terrier and Siberian Husky Birthday: 2/5/17 Sex: Male Handler/Owner: Tim Dipley Tiger loves his training, going to the park, and playing fetch with his tennis balls. He loves to go on long walks and there are times he pulls his owner on a...


WallieBreed: Cockapoo Birthday: August 3, 2010 Sex: Male Handler/Owner: Cheryl Pirih Wallie, chose me. While visiting the breeder and looking at his brothers, Wallie was busy dragging my purse to the car. He’s still a bit of a thief. When friends and family visit, I...


Xander Breed: Akita Birthday: Sex: Male Handler/Owner: Debra Friedman Xander is a lovable Akita just like big brother Oreo (Debra's other service/therapy dog).  With fur so soft and a hug-able disposition, this big boy is just one big cuddle bug.  He has lots of joy...