Manijeh and Bear have been with us since Bear was 11 weeks old.  They have been strong members in training contributing and supporting our volunteer service.  We all have enjoyed growing up with Bear.  And we are so happy they can now participate more fully in our gratifying service.

Gracie and Levi have been with us for over a year in training and participating in all of our activities with her fabulous mother who supports her in all she does with Levi.  We are so proud to have our first junior handler in Gracie.  And Levi is bigger than she is but their relationship and bond is strong and sweet.

Carolyn and Elliott came to us recently and has trained and evaluated in record time.  They had been preparing in Elliott’s early days to make it their job to care and bring joy to everyone.  All Labradoodles have that special magic and Elliott is above and beyond in her willingness to please everyone.

Nancy & Biscuit are a breath of fresh air.  Nancy is 17 and a has a strong connection with her dog and is adept in her training.  She is our second youngest team now and they both (Gracie, & Levi, and Nancy & Biscuit) performed flawlessly in their therapy dog examination.

 We all heartily welcome them to our PAWS ABOVE THE REST!  We are looking forward to the great contributions and benefits we all will achieve participating in our future generation of volunteer service.