PATRICK is my name.  I am 7 and I’m looking for LOVE.

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When I was a baby going through my imprint months the evil people who had me were too focused on their drugs and criminal behavior.  they starved me and beat me just because I was a puppy and I deserved love and guidance.   Irene saved me – thank God – and she gave me to Koko.  And for 7 years I have had a good home there – ONLY Koko doesn’t know how to bond with me.  She is a sweet lady, only I wish she would be able to understand me a little better.  She is being influenced by other humans in her life and she needs to help me leave her.

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Please help me find a person who is willing to bond with me and understand what I went through as a puppy.  All I want to do is have a relationship and experience life the way it’s supposed to be experienced for a poor guy who never got a good chance to grow up like the rest of my canine world fellows.

Thanks for hearing my story. 🙂 Love Patrick