Ana-Maria is so excited to visit all the children at Kaiser Hospital. On Friday, 4-4-14, she visited 10 children and families at the hospital. She works so hard and is so devoted to serving so many epople in the health care facilities, parades, and parties we all participate in. She always advocates our services and refers many new team candidates to join our service organization. Her canine champion “Juanes” has just finished recovery from his 2nd leg ligament surgery and this was his first day back on the job. We are so happy they are part of our family. They visit in both English and Spanish. Ana-Maria is a medical doctor and comes from Columbia. Her father is an anesthesiologist in Columbia and at 75 years old, he still makes house calls. Now Ana- Maria is from a fabulous family of professional caring people. We are so happy she and Juanes are proud to be a part of the “Paws Above the Rest!”