How do we say goodbye to our angel animals and how do we deal with the dreadful sense of loss when our beloved animal dies.   I believe they are waiting for us in heaven. We all have to keep our eyes on the prize.   We just keep caring for others and reaching out and God will do the rest.

I know I have been able to process my grief over Sammy much better with the love and support I have received from all of my family of Rim of the World Comfort Pets. We all hurt when a loss is sudden and unexpected.

There is a love and sense of peace that comes from honoring the place our comfort pets have held in our lives. Celebrate  a life well lived.

Beo lived a short but wonderful life.   He was enthusiastic, smart and a quick learner.   He was happy and loved Sherry with all his heart.   That love will live on through Sherry, Athena, Ozzie and any new children Sherry brings into the family.   He will always  be remembered.