I had collected towels and blankets and took them to the pet store for the rescue organization. I rounded the corner and looked down at a cage. There she was. Those eyes. I took her then and there home with me to my husband and the rest of our pack. I had no idea how that chance meeting would change my life. Abby was an “old soul”, my Doggie soul mate and I knew it every day of her life.

Little did I know that this lovely and loving dog would open up a whole new world for me of Pet Therapy? She was nicknamed “the face” in many facilities and people loved her gentle nature. The joy in their eyes and in my heart when she visited those less fortunate was overwhelming. It gave an amazing meaning to my life at and away from work.

She did this work for 7 years. I just retired her in 2010 because she deserved it, never imagining what was around the corner. It happened so fast, the cancer. But until the end she would always be in the same room as I was, watching me with those loving, soulful eyes.

Sleep well, my dear Abby. We’ll meet again, just like we have in the past. I just wish I had one more hug…one more kiss…one more nuzzle…one more pet. I adore you, my Boo.